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Sometimes you just need a cold treat to cool you down and treat your inner child. With Summer just around the corner and an unbelievable number of additives, sugar, and who knows what in store-bought Popsicle; now seems like the perfect time to share some of the best and easiest paleo Popsicle recipes.

Sometimes it’s the simple nostalgic things that create the most amazing recipes. This almond joy Popsicle is so decadent you won’t believe its actually good for you! Dipping it in the paleo magic shell chocolate just takes this Popsicle over the top and ideal for year around enjoyment!

almond joy paleo popsicles

                                                                               Photo: The Roasted Root

This Popsicle recipe is unbelievably simple! With only 2 ingredients, it may be the simplest Popsicle to ever feel like an indulgent treat!  Combining iconic flavors and simple ingredients; this is sure to be a fan favorite. Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in probiotic yogurt!

orange creamsicle probitic paleo popsicle

                                                                                 Photo: Ditch The wheat

Popsicles don’t get much better than this! A smooth mixture of coconut milk and fresh strawberries create this creamy treat. You wont even miss those store-bought sugar filled treats once you have a chance to make this amazing popsicle at home.

strawberry cream paleo popsicle

                                                                                  Photo: Healthy Little Peach

Anyone who has ever taken their family to visit a certain little mouse and his friends, most likely knows exactly how iconic a dole whip is. With this wonderful paleo version, you can enjoy it at home year around and without any guilt. This is the perfect not so guilty pleasure!

dole whip paleo popsicle

                                                                                       Photo: One Lovely Life

These 3 ingredients treats are sure to be a showstopper. A delicious combination of lime, coconut, and honey; they are as simple as they are beautiful. Not to mention they will have you singing a cheerful tune the whole way through.

lime in the coconut paleo popsicle

                                                                                     Photo: One Lovely Life

A creamy smooth treat that would never let on to your family that they aren’t eating a real fudgesicle from the ice cream shop! Not to mention it’s a great way to trick picky eater and yourself into an added dose of beneficial avocados!

chocolate avocado fudgesicle paleo

                                                                                    Photo:  Sparkling Charm

Because sometimes even a naturally sweet popsicle can be a bit on the sweet side, this spicy pineapple popsicle recipe is definitely the way to go when you need something a little extra for your pallet. Simple ingredients are combined to create this sweet, spicy, and creamy snack.

spicy pineapple popsicle paleo

                                                                                          Photo: Eat The Gains


Because sometimes you need more than one chocolate option in your arsenal, we bring you this quick and simple 3 ingredient chocolate popsicle. Plus, if you want to make it a little more special, the recipe includes ways that you can jazz it up, like dipping it in more chocolate and nuts!

paleo chocolate popsicles

Photo: Gnom-Gnom

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