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When you close your eyes and envision the perfect meditation space you may be taken to a Zen garden filled with serenity. This serene place probably doesn’t exist in your hectic daily life or fit into your “I don’t have a million dollars for a Zen Garden” Budget. But that’s okay! Creating your own meditation space doesn’t have to be inconvenient or expensive. You simply need a quiet environment that will allow you to focus and breath.


The first thing that you will need to decide, is where you intend to build your meditation space. Ideally, in a perfect world, a garden or spare room that can be dedicated solely to meditation would be wonderful. But if this isn’t an option for you, don’t fret. Seek out a space in your home that you can steel a corner from or that is peaceful enough that you could easily sneak away to.

If you are looking to create a meditation space at work, chances are you’re limited to the confines of your office. Creating a meditation space at work is still an option, even if you are limited on space. Choose an area on the floor, maybe by a window, where you will be secluded from the stresses of work. Little things, such as clearing away your work, or laptop before you begin meditation may help you to clear away the stress of the workday. It will also get it off your mind while you are meditating.


Find the line between decorating a space and simplicity; while you need some things to make it feel like your surreal space, clutter and excess stuff are not likely to provide you with positive energy and a relaxing area. Instead of opting for many things, choose a few small things that complete the space for you.

  • You will need somewhere to sit, whether it be pillows, a yoga mat, or a blanket, designate it for meditation. If you are creating a space at home, you may opt for cushions in soothing colors. While at work, it may prove easier to unroll a yoga mat and remove it when you are done.
  • Create an altar that can hold a few simple things that are symbolic to you. Anything that is of emotional or spiritual value to you can be placed on your altar. Consider a small statue or a bamboo plant.
  • If you are creating your space within another space, purchasing a small chest, storage ottoman or just a pretty box to place your things in could be a good option. For instance, in your office, you could store your yoga mat and altar items for easy access. When you are ready to meditate pull them out. You could also use the box or chest as your altar; drape a pretty scarf or piece of fabric across the top and use it as the altar table.
  • If you are looking for more privacy, consider purchasing a privacy screen. Privacy screens are lightweight and easy to move around if you need to put it away or against a wall when you aren’t meditating. It will give you the privacy you desire when you are meditating.

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