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Trying to stop sugar cravings may be the hardest thing that we as people face when trying to lose weight and stay healthy. Sugar is found in just about everything in the supermarket, even the things you wouldn’t consider as “sweet”. It is no mystery that sugar leads to obesity and so many other health issues, the bottom line is it really just isn’t good for you. Cutting out sugar all together isn’t an easy task, but with everything, moderation is always best when you just can’t completely drop sugar out of your life. The following five steps will help you learn to beat your sugar cravings and sugar addiction!


The most obvious thing to do when trying to eliminate sugar from your diet is to stop eating sugar. Sounds simple right? Well, maybe not for the majority of people. Start by being aware of the things that you eat and read the labels! Sugar is hidden in most pre-made or packaged foods on the market. When you can’t resist the urge to eat sugar, try drinking a glass of water and waiting ten minutes. You can also try eating something that is naturally sweet like a Tablespoon of organic honey or a small amount of fruit.


The amount of stress in your life can significantly affect the way that you eat. Seeking out comfort food when you are feeling overwhelmed, sad or even happy is a normal response. Being sure that you are getting a full eight hours of sleep is a great place to start. If you feel like you are too overwhelmed with life to even consider not breaking your diet, try meditating.


Are you craving sugar? This may actually be a cry for your body – for water. At times our bodies can’t differentiate between dehydration and hunger. When you are trying to curb a sugar craving, try drinking a full glass of water and waiting ten minutes to see if the craving begins to subside. Always try to stay hydrated to keep yourself healthy and curb your hunger longer.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid found in the human body; it is the most abundant amino acid in the blood stream and makes up approximately 30 percent of the amino acid nitrogen in our blood. Glutamine powder is most commonly used to help lose weight, build muscles and burn fat. L-Glutamine aids with fat metabolism and supports new muscle growth. According to, Food Renegade , due to our sugar cravings, we consume a diet rich in refined carbs. Nutritional deficiencies increase the cravings for sugar. Eating enough dietary rich foods can supply your body with enough dietary amino acids to repel these deficiencies and sugar cravings.


As with most diets and nutritional changes, torturing yourself won’t get you anywhere. The longer you make yourself miserable by denying your cravings, the more likely you are to give up. Allow yourself to indulge once a week in the sugary sweets that you love the most. Just remember to stay on track for the rest of the week. You will look forward to your “reward day” and be proud of yourself for making it through the rest of the week sugar free!

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