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Metabolic syndrome is becoming exceedingly popular; though it is debatable among experts as to whether or not it should be considered a disease at all. Metabolic syndrome is better described as a group of risk factors. These risks include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abdominal fat, and unhealthy cholesterol levels.

To be diagnosed with the Metabolic syndrome you must have at least three of these risk factors, according to, WebMD. Simply having one of these risk factors on your health is dangerous, but when you are at risk for all of them you may be in store for some serious health problems. Metabolic syndrome puts you at a high likelihood of blood vessel and heart disease. These factors, in turn, increase your chances of a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is commonly controlled by lifestyle changes and adjustments.



Those who have been diagnosed with the Metabolic syndrome and are looking to make a diet and lifestyle change in order to improve their health should avoid the over-consumption of alcohol. Studies have shown that those who consume alcohol, especially liqueur, are 95% more likely to have it.

Limiting Alcohol content to ONE drink per a day for the ladies or TWO drinks a day for men will


Fried and processed foods are a good option for anyone looking to have control over their diet. Switching to a healthy diet to reduce or control Metabolic syndrome is no different. You should avoid eating foods that are filled with empty calories and overly processed fillers. Foods that are high in salt and oil content are also better to be avoided. Clean and healthy eating can easily be the answer to eliminating your risk factors and beating Metabolic syndrome.

Try to bake food and make your own food at home. Instead of going out for those salty fries (which are great when you have a salt craving), try baking sweet potatoes at home. Sweet potatoes are great for you and super easy to make!


Avoid any food with “hydrogenated oil” even partial or “partially hydrogenated”. Food companies are NOT required to label hydrogenated oil if it’s below


Refined sugar, is never a healthy option, it is best avoided when at all possible. Especially, when you are trying to manage Metabolic syndrome. Sugar is among the top, if not number one, on the list of foods that contribute to disease.

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