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You may find yourself living a sedentary lifestyle, without even realizing it, so how do you overcome a sedentary lifestyle? Are you stuck in the same daily routines? For the majority of us, those routines include spending hours in sitting in a car or bus. Then sitting at a desk, only to leave work and spend more time in the car. If you and your family are anything like me and mine, by the time you get home in the evening and complete the rituals of homework, dinner, and bath; it’s time for bed. What is missing in these habitual routines?  The great outdoors.

Take the time to look around you and think about how much time you and the people around you spend outdoors. A whopping 93% of people’s time is spent indoors in one way or another. In theory, you may think that a quick daily trip to the gym is all that your body needs to stay healthy. But the truth of the matter is, your need to get up and move isn’t just about exercise. Some of the side effects of living a sedentary lifestyle, can include: chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight, irritability, and excessive stress.

People, more specifically our body’s, are meant to be active. As we evolve as a race, technology is evolving with us. This is seemingly causing us to become more stationary and far less active. The effects that a sedentary lifestyle can take on our , are risky and overall health more than enough reason for us all to get up and get moving.


Less movement, equals less blood flow. This gives fat in your body the opportunity to set still and increase your risk of a clogged artery in your heart. Which may lead to coronary heart disease and increase your overall risk of cardiovascular disease.


A lack of movement can leave you with bad circulation. Bad circulation can lead to blood clots, swelling, and pain.


Though sitting down at your desk when you need to work may seem like the ideal circumstance for optimal concentration. Sitting for too long can lead to a lack of blood flow to the brain. Which ultimately leading to the inability to concentrate.


Even with daily workouts at the gym, you still may not be doing enough to keep your body up to optimal physical health. Once again, our bodies are meant to be active and that mean for more than an hour a day. Bone strength and muscle mass will eventually see a negative effect from your sedentary lifestyle.


If you have taken the time to realize that you need to put a stop to your sedentary lifestyle, then you need to start taking the steps to get out of your normal habits.

  • Start by setting yourself reminders to get up and take a short walk. Set up several throughout the day and go for a relaxing stroll. Instead of ordering lunch in, take the time to walk to a local lunch spot or take a quick stroll through a local garden or park.
  • If you work closely with co-workers often, try scheduling a working meeting. Chances are they need to get up and out of the office to. If all you are doing is talking through things, a stroll is a good environment to get the thought processes motivated.
  • Try implementing other workouts into your daily gym routines, such as, take a local yoga class that Is hosted in the park or trade in that weekend movie date for a bike ride.
  • Take the kids for a walk in the evening rather than setting down to catch up on your DVR. Chances are they could use the outdoors time as much as you and it’s a great way to burn up the last of their built up energy for a good night’s sleep.

Starting small is always the first step to making a lifestyle change. Even if you can only implement one new habit at a time, it is still a start worth making. Eventually you will start to feel more energized, more focused, and overall, healthier than ever!

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