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When it comes to the long list of fad diets; The Paleo diet, seems to be increasingly high on the list. According to, Wikipedia, The Paleo diet, also known as the Paleolithic diet, dates back to approximately 2.6 million years. It is based around the foods assumed to be available to Paleolithic humans.  The paleo diet has become much more than a diet in its fame, but also a lifestyle.


The Paleo diet is based around food that we presume were readily available during the Paleolithic time period. It is much more than just consuming non processed foods, but more about not consuming new aged foods at all. The interpretation of the diet has a wide range. But the general gist is not to consume any dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, potatoes, coffee or alcohol. The Paleo diet places a large emphasis on eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, Fish, and eggs. WebMD states concerns around the diet. Including, that which suggests our digestive systems are not the same as that of our ancestors and a following a Paleo diet may have some ill effects.

The majority of people switch to a Paleo diet for the overall health benefits, as well as weight loss. But what if eating a truly natural diet can also provide you with natural physical health and beauty?


Skin problems may be the most common health issue among humans. You can’t even turn on the television or the radio without hearing about the latest trend in skin care. But did you know that most skin conditions are a sign of a more serious condition or underlying unhealthy lifestyle?

The Paleo diet is very committed to eliminating processed oily foods. These are a serious problem when you are trying to achieve the healthiest of appearances. By removing food that can cause things such as inflammation; You can naturally decrease the negative effects your diet has on your skin, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Another underlying cause of, skin conditions, could be your gut. A Paleo diet removes many of the things that are most likely to be the culprit of your bad digestive health. Thus, healing your body from the inside out. Your skin is also very effected by the nutrients you consume, or the lack there of. Eating a diet that is rich in fatty over processed food is considered the culprit of oily acne covered skin.

You may have heard that the key to beautiful skin, nails and hair is an important nutrient called collagen. You may have even tried over the counter collagen supplements; Like many in desperation you may have even gone as far as drinking gelatin in an attempt to improve the overall health of your skin, nails and hair. But when you are consuming a Paleo diet, stooping to these levels is no longer necessary.

A big notion of the Paleo diet is consuming the entire meat source. Collagen is found in connective tissues; not largely found in the muscle meat we most often consume. Things such as beef broth and tendons have a high concentration of collagen. They are strongly encouraged on the Paleo diet for their vast nutritional value.


Hair and nails may not be an essential part of our survival, but they are considered a necessary and important part of our natural beauty. The vastly nutrient foods consumed on the Paleo diet contain high concentrations of nutrients significant to healthy hair and nail growth. Like our skin, our hair and nails also need a good amount of collagen. But they also need other nutrients such as zinc and iron in order to be strong and shiny. If you are suffering from a nutritional deficiency, one of the key signs may be the weak brittle state of your hair and nails.


When it comes down to feeling younger, the most obvious answer is being healthy. When you look and feel the healthiest you can be, it is human nature that you would feel like the best version of yourself. Working on your body from the inside out through the Paleo diet is a good place to start. When you consume natural, unprocessed foods you are giving your body the essentials it needs to be in tip top shape, without the added unnecessary things found in the overly processed foods lining the shelves at the supermarket.

Most anyone who sticks to a strict diet and doesn’t consume unnecessary junk that weighs them down, begin to live a healthier lifestyle. You know that feeling of wanting to go to the gym, or wanting to get off the sofa and be live a seemingly glamorous life of being fit, but you feel weighed down and without the energy to commit to it? Have you ever considered that it’s the food you consume that is weighing you down?

Paleo diet is more than just a fad diet; it is, in fact a Paleo lifestyle, focusing on providing your body with the key nutrients and consumption that it needs without all of the fillers and fluff. Imagine if the inside of your body was the healthiest it could be? No added fats, sugars, grains or overly processed mainstream junk; just brain food that could ultimately change your life. The strongest and most committed of those living a Paleo lifestyle believe that it is about so much more than food. It is about restoring our bodies to those comparable to our ancestors and ultimately improving every aspect of our health and longevity.

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