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If you’re like most people, when you hear the word “coconut,” you think “tropical.” It may surprise you, then, to learn that coconut oil has been a popular commodity all around the world. From Europe to Africa to Asia, for thousands of years.
In fact, coconuts have had a pretty prodigious history. They were revered as one of the most curative substances in ancient medicine. It is able to heal anything that ails you, including your spirit and mind. We hear stories of how in World War II, the water of unripened coconuts was used to save the lives of soldiers when IV fluid supplies ran out. Coconut has been center stage for centuries, and it looks like there’s good reason.


  1. It is a great source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Studies have shown that these MCTs improve mental function and help the brain do its job. In fact, in people with mild or early-onset Alzheimer’s, consumption of MCTs resulted in an almost immediate improvement in memory.
  2. The types of fatty acids found in coconut oil mediate insulin. In other words, it helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level, prevents blood sugar spikes, and boosts your metabolism. Giving you more energy.
  3. Coconut oil protects your heart. By preventing oxidation and actually reshaping some of the toxic compounds in your body. It has been shown to have a cardioprotective effect. Which will not only help your heart function more effectively but will also cut down high blood pressure.

Coconut oil is a great source for lots of nutrients that your body craves. But did you know that you don’t just have to eat it in order to get all of its awesome benefits? Turns out there are lots of other uses for this multi-purpose oil.


  1. Cook it. Of course, you are always welcome to use coconut oil as a part of your diet, and it is especially good as a cooking oil. Compared to other types of oils, it does not deteriorate when cooked at high heat, and its flavor is light and mild so that it won’t disturb the other flavors of your food.
  2. Put it on wounds. Seriously. It contains antibiotic properties, so you can feel confident putting it on bumps and scrapes to keep them from getting infected. The oil kills microbes and provides a thin protective layer to shield your injury.
  3. Use it as a cosmetic. Coconut oil makes a great lip balm, makeup remover, and lotion. It can soothe sunburns and is a great choice for treating dry skin, especially on the elbows and feet.
  4. Try it out as a hair care product. Instead of putting chemicals on your head, try some coconut oil to tame your frizz and condition your hair. Moisten your hands with it and run it gently through your hair to reduce static, or leave it in overnight and wash it out the next day to feel its full benefits as a conditioner.

Coconut oil has a variety of health-based uses besides just as a delicious treat. Putting it on your skin allows your body to absorb nutrients, too, so try out some coconut oil for whatever ails you!


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