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Paleo and eating whole fresh foods is about replacing foods such as juice, soda, etc. with healthy and all natural alternatives such as drinks with fresh herbs like this simple lemon mint tea.

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Tea is a drink created by pouring boiling water over things found in nature such as herbs, plants and even bark. Tea is aromatic and can have medicinal and health benefits as well. Tea can be enjoyed hot or iced (great during the summer) and can be made from just about any herb. 


Yes! Tea is a great option on Paleo, and it’s especially great if you make your own fresh tea from various herbs. Paleo-approved sweeteners, fruit and homemade nut milk are great additions to tea as well. 

mint leaves


Mint that is aromatic and delicious and the best part is how easy the tea is to make. If you grow mint leaves, trim about 5-6 for one cup of tea or about 25 leaves (give or take) for a pot of tea. You can also buy mint leaves at the grocery store. Make sure to wash the leaves in cold water to get rid of any grit left on the leaves. Then, place the leaves in rolling boiling water. 

This recipe is great to make iced as well, which tastes delicious in the summer. I enjoy iced mint tea with lime and a little Stevia, it’s delicious and great for your gut bacteria.

simple mint tea recipe


Prep Time: 5 minutesTotal Time: 5 minutes


  • Mint leaves: 5 for a cup of tea or about 25 for a pot of tea (give or take depending on the mint leave size)
  • Water
  • Lemon Wedge


  1. Trim and wash about 20-30 mint leaves in cold water for a large pot of tea or about 5 leaves for a cup of tea.
  2. Boil water for your tea on the stove. How much depends on how much tea you want to enjoy!
  3. After a roiling boil, add the leaves and turn off water.
  4. Steep the mint leaves for a few minutes. For less minty flavor, steep less time, and conversely for a stronger cup of mint tea, let the leaves steep longer.
  5. Add Lemon wedge for a crisp citrus flavor (optional).

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