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Nothing can beat the enjoyment o a freshly baked cookie. The good news is, just because you are paleo doesn’t mean you have to go without. I have searched high and low to bring you the best paleo cookie recipes that are perfect to fix that craving and give you a delicious treat anytime you want it.

A chewy chocolate paleo cookie may seem a little too good to be true; but it isn’t! this delicious recipe Is everything you need for that chocolate fix and its actually good for you!  Plus, you can be chowing on these brownie cookies in 20 minutes!

Paleo Flour less brownie cookies

                                                                               Photo: The Big Man’s World

Because who doesn’t love cookie dough? These paleo almond flour cookie dough bars are the best of both worlds! If that wasn’t reason enough to give this recipe a try, they are also no bake. You get your cookie dough fix, a chocolate fix, and you don’t even have to use the oven.

paleo almond flour cookie dough bars

                                                                                           Photo: Beaming Baker

A classic with a twist: this paleo peanut butter cookie will bring you nothing but nostalgia. They are just as simple as their sugar filled counter parts but instead of a sugar high they are packed with protein.

paleo peanut butter cookies

                                                                                   Photo: Smile Sandwich

A simple yet amazing dessert, these paleo snicker doodle cookies are the perfect cinnamon blend of deliciousness. With just a few simple paleo ingredients, you can be enjoying this treat in less than 30 minutes!

paleo snickerdoodle cookies

                                                                                   Photo: Erin Lives Whole

This recipe takes everyone’s love for cookie dough and gives it a sweet tangy spin. Paleo Lemon Cookie dough bites are a perfect snack packed full of flavor. A quick and easy no bake recipe that you will enjoy time and time again.

paleo lemon cookie dough bites

                                                                                   Photo: Plenty and Well

When you need a bit more refined cookie recipe, look no further than this almond biscotti! Full of all the traditional flavor you look for in a good biscotti and then some. Plus, this super easy recipe is freezer friendly so you can have them ready to go whenever you want!

paleo almond biscotti

                                                                                Photo: What Molly Made

Can anything beat the flavor of a soft and chewy gingersnap cookie? Not in my book! This recipe is reminiscent of a classic gingersnap; quick, simple, and so delicious you will use this recipe again and again.

paleo ginger snap cookies

                                                                                   Photo: Erin Lives Whole

Who can resist those sweet little girls selling cookies? I think most of us are guilty of buying them even when we know we aren’t going to eat them, because come on, its for a good cause. But the good news is after you donate that box to a friend you can whip up this version all on your own and you won’t be disappointed!

paleo thin mint cookies

                                                                            Photo: Paleo Running Momma

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