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Drinking mineral water comes with many health benefits. Mineral water is notably full of beneficial minerals. Bathing in mineral water at spas was part of a therapeutic healing. people would travel great distances for its healing properties.

Bottled mineral water undergoes a very minimal treatment process and the only added ingredient allowed is Carbon Dioxide. Bottled Mineral water is not allowed to have any disinfectant treatment or additives and is bottled in purest form. what are the significant benefits of drinking mineral water?


  • The high level of minerals found in mineral water can help to naturally detox your body. It is full of detoxification properties that work to remove all of the toxins that have entered your body. Detoxifying can lead to a better overall health of your brain and body. Detoxification helps to reduce the chances of contracting degenerative diseases. Mineral water is a healthy option to keep your body detoxed.


  • Do you ever stop to consider what could be in the water that you are drinking? Drinking mineral water can help prevent the contamination of fluids in the nervous system. Poor quality water can cause contamination and effect the normal functions of your nervous system. The bodies nervous system has small complex waterways through which the body receives electrical signals from the brain.
  • Drinking poor quality or contaminated water can compromise the way which our bodies receive the electrical signals. Consuming mineral water on a regular basis can help to keep your nervous system healthy and functioning its best. Mineral water is always a great option if you know the water quality where you live is soft and not as full of minerals.


  • Mineral water is a great option for helping to improve your bodies digestion. It contains chlorides and bicarbonates that promote proper digestion. Mineral water will also helps to regulate acids in the stomach and intestines. Mineral water optimizes the benefits of the foods that you consume and assures optimal digestion.  Optimal digestion is a very important part of keeping your body healthy. Drinking mineral water on a re-occurring basis may be just what you need to do the trick, vs. taking over the counter supplements and medications.


  • Water intake is vital to health and well-being of the human body. Significant health benefits of mineral water include:
    • It contains a high dosage of calcium which is essential to bone formation and health.
    • A high amount of magnesium that contributes to strong bones and muscles.
    • It has properties that aid in maintaining blood pressure and keeping the body’s immune system healthy.


  • Mineral water is calorie free. Many brands of sparkling mineral water can be purchased bottled to drink. Why sparkling mineral water? Sparkling mineral water is a carbonated alternative to sugary soda. Some find that drinking carbonated water helps to ease the process of kicking their sweet soda habits.


  • Mineral water, as you would assume from its name, is a great source of minerals, according to Calorie Bee. Some of which are:
    • Mineral water contains Calcium which increases bone and teeth health.
    • It contains Sulfate, which works to cleanse and detoxify your body.
    • Mineral water is rich in Magnesium, which strengthens the immune system.
    • A healthy source of Iron that supports the white blood cells and oxygen flow.
    • Chloride and Bicarbonates that work to keep your digestive system running smoothly.


  • Bathing in mineral spas and bathhouses was the original use of mineral water and dates back hundreds of years, according to Wikipedia.  People have long sought after mineral spas for their relaxation and believed healing qualities. Bathing in mineral spas was considered “Taking the cure” or “taking the waters”. They became seen as more of a recreational destination and not just for people seeking a cure to an illness. The majority of mineral spas were located in mountain areas with natural hot springs.
  • President Roosevelt often visited hot springs for his paralysis. People believed it to help ease body pain, stress, arthritis and a number of illnesses. This is how mineral water grew in popularity. Visiting mineral springs became a destination for the upper-middle class. Many mineral spas still exist but have been turned into resorts.

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