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What does the mean for the rest of us that are now in the dark? Well, the EPA has decided to restrict any information following exactly how much “formaldehyde vapor” in our lifetime. Enough to show up as leukemia throughout, as well as, other attributes that form as ailments and other troubling complications.

Formaldehyde is the most common and widely used chemical. It remains to be seen if this even comes as a surprise to consummers. So it may come as an even further “none surprise moment” that this current news release was pushed back and even delayed by Administrator Scott Pruitt. Andrew Wheeler, who is stepping up to the plate to replace Scott Pruitt, who worked beneath Jim Inhofe beforehand. However, Jim Inhofe had basically done the exact same thing by refusing to release any information about the toxic substance.


Actually listing out all the products that contain formaldehyde is astounding. Here’s an actual lengthy list if you dare to take a peek at it: Things That Contain Formaldehyde

Is it safe to say that formaldehyde may be one of the most common components when it comes to being diagnosed with various forms of cancer? Our answers point to a probability.

So why is no one saying anything? Well, one program that seems to be protected from the lack of knowledge on formaldehyde is a program called “IRIS”. Because with the current administrations stand with business advocates than individuals who are actually educated towards the EPA’s studies. This has allowed many aspects to slip. Also any meetings that would have helped advance the further study into formaldehyde, are put on hold at the present time.

All in all, a draft was released without any permission “as stated” yet, the information has leaked out. So it should come as no surprise that EPA’s past leader Scott Pruitt stepped down after the release.

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