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What Paleo snacks are available at the ready when you have to make a pit stop somewhere? Where can you go to just pick them up once you’ve already set out and forgotten the one bag holding all the healthy snacks? Yep, that happens a lot. We always end up forgetting one item and it tends to be a highly important one. So instead of breaking down and settling for junk food that will leave you drained and sluggish. Here are a few choices to seek that will help revitalize and keep up that happy travel energy!


Have you heard of One Stop Paleo Shop? No! Well, that’s about to change. One Stop Paleo Shop is a series of snacks that are all in one box. There The Keto To Go Box!

Yes, the Keto To Go Box has a wide selection of 14 essentials ready for the road. This is a great haul if you already have meals prepped and planned for your trip. Just incorporate these snacks into your everyday routine. Plus, they are packed with enough energy and high-fat to keep those long days from becoming glum.

Alpine Aire’s 7-Day Meal Kit, has all the planning done for you. No need to figure out what you’ll need for a week because that’s the point to Alpine Aire’s 7-Day Meal Kit. Awesomely, the 7-Day meal kit is made to an individual can have 2 meals a day. Providing enough nutrients to keep the body stabilized and your diet on track. For the calorie total comes to 1,200 per day for both meals consumed.

Fuel For Fire Protein Packs is cleverly designed small packs that provide enough protein to replenish what you’ve lost throughout the day. These bad boys are excellent for traveling with kids, after or before workouts, going for a hike, or any activity that will involve a bit of cardio. You can buy a 10 pack that will come with 5 different flavors (so 2 per to try each one twice). The flavors available are banana, coffee, strawberry banana, sweet potato apple, and tropical.

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