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Some people would believe that choosing to live paleo means that you will be eating a bland diet consisting of only meats and vegetables with no added seasoning or flavors; truth is, that is the exact opposite of what eating paleo is. A paleo lifestyle is about eating healthy and enjoying food in its most natural, flavorful form. Nothing about going paleo has to be bland and boring. Take a look at these top 7 spices to keep your paleo lifestyle bursting with guilt-free flavor!

Not Just Any Spice Will Do

Like with most things, paleo spices won’t be as simple as just buying any old spice. You don’t want processed spices that are filled with sodium. This also means that most pre-made spice mixes and rubs are out of the question. That is, unless, you decide to order specialty paleo seasonings. But, truth be told, that isn’t always necessary You can most likely find organic spices that are paleo and then create and flavor combinations or spice mixes on your own! You can even make your own spices entirely from scratch in your own kitchen using a dehydrator and a coffee bean grinder!

  • Peppercorns  

Peppercorns can add so much more flavor than just shaking pepper out of a shaker! You will need a grinder, but after that, you can purchase a variety of different peppercorns and switch it up! From pink peppercorns to the traditional black peppercorns, so many flavors can be achieved with just this one simple spice!

  • Garlic 

Garlic is somewhat of a base to just about any seasoning. Even when you aren’t looking for a garlic flavor it still lends itself well to being backup to produce other bolder flavors!

  • Cinnamon  

This spice is found in about every pantry and if you intend to bake it is always a must. Cinnamon can add that missing flavor when you are subbing ingredients in paleo baking. Not to mention, you can’t have fall treats without cinnamon!

  • Ginger 

Looking for just a mild hint of ginger, dried and ground ginger powder works great. Ginger can help you accomplish the Asian flavor base that you are looking for to recreate your favorite takeout dishes in paleo form.

  • Rosemary  

Both dried and fresh rosemary is always delicious when paired with meat. Especially chicken! No need for processed seasonings with this basic ingredient in hand. Rosemary lends itself well to grilled meats and vegetables.

  • Oregano 

Having oregano on hand is key to accomplishing many of the traditional foods that we become accustomed to eating growing up. It is also very versatile. While you may only think of adding it to marinara and garlic bread, it also works well in sauces, roasted vegetables, and grilled meats. Oregano in Mexican and Mediterranean dishes helps to accomplish the complex flavors.

  • Cayenne

A must for all kitchens is a little something spicy. Cayenne adds a good bit of heat or just a small amount to kick up the other flavors in a dish. Cayenne pepper acts as the main source, yet can be transferred into Cayenne powered for a more flavorful meal.

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