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The Paleo diet (I like to think it more as a wellness plan) has some great press this morning! After being battered around a bit in the news the past few months; A new study published in Australia states that; The Paleo Diet is more effective for weight loss than following the traditional guidelines recommended by the Australian government.

  • Women in the study, who ate Paleo, lost about 4-5 pounds (2 kg). That’s more than the women who ate the Australian guidelines during the 4-week duration

Scientists from Edith Cowan University divided 39 healthy women. This was for a standard Australian diet or a Paleo diet for four weeks.

The Paleo diet mainly consists of eating eggs, low carb vegetables, meats, nuts and low sugar fruits. Grains, legumes, and dairy are not encouraged.

Lead researcher, Angela Genoni, said; Women on the Paleo diet lost an average of 4-5 pounds (2kg) more than the standard diet group.

“While both groups lost weight over the period, the Paleo group lost an average of 4.3 percent of their body weight over the testing period. Compared to 1.6 percent for the recommended dietary guidelines group,” she said.

The women on the standard diet were asked to increase fruit, vegetable, and whole grain products; reduce fat intake, and eat low-fat dairy products.

The researcher stated, “Advice was also given to reduce intake of discretionary food items. Such as cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks and candy.”

Health experts said people on the Paleo diet lost weight because they ate fewer calories.

“Our results showed loss of weight was significantly associated with the reduction in energy intake, and percentage of daily energy from protein,” Genoni said.

Researchers stated that they will research the Paleo Diet over the long-term and the weight loss effects.

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