Are Cherries Paleo? Are Cherries a Superfood?

Unlike the majority of super foods that are growing in popularity, cherries are common. They also don’t require any googling to figure out what they are or where to find them. Cherries are beneficial in comparison to most things found in our refrigerators. The nutritional value of cherries is also impressive – in case you didn’t know. 

 Tart cherries have been shown to have more beneficial health properties than their sweet counterpart. Cherries contain many required nutrients for optimal health, such as: vitamin C, vitamin A, bioflavonoids, ellagic acid, perillyl, and anthocyanins.  Not to mention, that of the vitamin packed options out there, they rank pretty high in preferred taste.

benefits of cherries

Health Benefits of Cherries

1. Sleep Aid

One of the many secret benefits of cherries, is that they contain melatonin.  Studies have shown that cherry juice before bedtime can be just as beneficial as taking a melatonin supplement before bed. In a world where the majority of people have some sleep troubles or insomnia; melatonin supplements have become extremely popular. A glass of cherry juice in place of melatonin is believed to have the same effect.

2. Arthritis

Cherries can also provide relief from inflammation. A recent study by the USDA, showed that cherries may reduce inflammation associated with arthritis. The study revealed that test subjects who consumed them had lower levels of urate and nitric acid in their bodies. For those who are suffering from arthritis and gout pain, it may mean that consuming them on a daily basis could bring relief to a portion of your discomfort.

3. Weight Control

Cherries don’t necessarily have any miracle weight loss properties to them. But they are an ideal option for someone looking to stay or get into shape. A full cup can come in at under 100 calories and are relatively filling. They also contain a good deal of your body’s daily nutritional value, such as fiber and vitamin B, which are essential to a healthy metabolism.

4. Help Fight Cancer

Another reason you should be eating cherries is that they are packed with antioxidant’s. Antioxidants work to heal damaged cells in your body caused by free radicals. Antioxidants replace the free radicals in your body before they can cause damage. They also contain ellagic acid, POH, and queritrin, all cancer fighting agents.

5. Melt Belly Fat

Ok, this is tart cherry powder and with rats not humans, but it’s still impressive. “A 2007 University of Michigan study found that rats that were fed small quantities of tart cherry powder lost 17 percent of their belly fat in as few as three months.”


Are Cherries Paleo?

Yes! Cherries are Paleo and AIP complaint. Tart cherry powder is a strong antioxidant and involved in a number of studies for cancer, autoimmune disease, weight loss and recovery from workouts. Not only is tart cherry powder Paleo, but also a Superfood. 

What Paleo experts say about Cherries?

“Cherries are similar to berries in terms of their antioxidant value. They have a bit higher natural sugar content, but they’re still very low-carb and are an excellent source of important fiber”. – Mark Sisson


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