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Stuffed Avocado with spicy crab


The paleo lifestyle is about whole, nutritious food that heals the body. Healing the body gives you energy, vitality, a healthy gut and a sharp mind. Disorders and diseases can be more manageable with healthy food: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cardiovascular issues

Whole food nutrition can be equated to whole body nutrition. Eating whole foods is equivalent to premium gas and maintenance for a car. If you take care of your car, it can potential run and last forever. Taking car of your body is the same way. 

To begin a whole food journey, you will need to begin with some lifestyle changes including steps to prepare your kitchen and schedule to begin cooking foods. Here is a guide on how to begin the paleo whole food journey:

Essential steps to start the paleo lifestyle


If you want to change your current behavior, then you need to learn to form tiny habits. Prepping meals for the week is a tremendous habit to begin your whole food journey:

Prepping Meals For A Week


Autoimmune issues are especially confusing and complicated for individuals as well as families. Here are some foods to avoid if you have or suspect autoimmune issues:

Foods to avoid with autoimmune disease?


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