Best Paleo Donuts

Best Paleo Donuts

Sometimes, you just need that delicious sweet treat, no matter how guilty a pleasure it may be. But rest assured, just because you are paleo doesn’t mean donuts are suddenly impossible. Take a look at these amazing paleo donuts recipes that will have you singing the praises of this beloved paleo sweet treat.  The next time you have a craving, give one of these amazing recipes and try and let us know how they fared!



The perfect fall treat or well year around in our book; you can’t beat these paleo pumpkin spice donuts. Made with pumpkin puree, almond flour, and a surprise almond-based glaze that just sets these donuts over the top!

                                                                Paleo Pumpkin Spice Donuts

                                                                                     Photo: A Saucy Kitchen

Let’s be honest, this donut looks a little too indulgent to be true. Salted caramel chocolate donuts that are paleo, grain free, gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian?! Let’s just say this is one recipe everyone has got to give a shot!

                                                                paleo salted caramel chocolate donuts

                                                                                        Photo: Well-fed Soul

Not only are these raspberry donuts completely guilt free, they are a well-balanced option for a snack or breakfast! These baked paleo donuts have a cake like texture and delicious raspberry bite.

baked raspberry paleo donuts

                                                                                Photo: The Bid Man’s World

What’s more intriguing than a guilt free donut? A quick and easy one that takes next to no time and is freezer friendly. These paleo donuts are packed with that delicious maple flavor and have a paleo friendly glaze perfect for a craving quick fix.

                                                             maple glazed paleo donuts

                                                                                      Photo: Wicked Spatula

Delicious chocolate donuts that are not only paleo but nut-free and sugar free! These chocolate coconut donuts are the perfect balance of cakey coconut and chocolate. And if that wasn’t already enough to grab your attention, they are topped with a coconut butter chocolate glaze!


paleo chocolate coconut donuts
                                                                             Photo: All the Nourishing Things

 Delicious Fresh apple cider donuts are a favorite fall staple and now everyone can enjoy them year around! These paleo apple cider donuts are sure to give you that cherished taste of fall without the traditional sugar and gluten.


                                                                                     Photo: Create Delicious 

Because sometimes you just need a bite sized treat reminiscent of childhood donut holes or mom’s banana bread, so why not both combined? Topped with a perfectly sweet honey vanilla glaze, these are sure to cure any sweet craving and healthy enough for any time of the day!


paleo glazed banana bread donut holes

                                                                                   Photo: Physical Kitchness

This quick and simple donut recipe may be last on our list but not least. These tender and delicious chocolate donuts are sure to give you that craving fix you have been searching for. Plus, they are nut Free!

chocolate frosted donuts
                                                                              Photo: Paleo Running Momma



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