How much should you exercise on the Paleo diet?

How much should you exercise on the Paleo diet?

Paleo exercise? Is this an actual thing? Well, in a way yes. These exercises can be paired with the Paleo diet to help build muscle and cause a more lean/athletic body type. Although the true reason should be for a healthier lifestyle, of course, exercise helps build up the immune system.

First off there is no real physical regime when it comes to the Paleo Lifestyle, the only true requirement is that these exercises are more nature-based. This means running, yoga, or any physical activity that’s based outside rather than any machine oriented workout.

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Instead of long cardio workouts, try short intense workouts. These short interval workouts can help achieve a similar result for a more lean/athletic body type.  For some individuals, constant cardio can lead to heightened cortisol levels, which can cause weight gain. Cortisol is primarily associated with depression and high stress/anxiety levels.

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The important food for thought is to find what exercises work for you. Do not overcompensate or over-do a session.

Below is a list of at-home workouts that may be beneficial to you:

  • Running
  • Squats
  • Lunging
  • Yoga
  • Using 3 to 5 lb weights for bicep or tricep curls
  • Hiking
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Walking

However, if you are looking for a more intense and muscle-building routine, CrossFit is highly popular among the Paleo lifestyle.Training with a professional who also can introduce conditioning would not only be the safest choice but, also a wise one.

If, Crossfit is too strenuous for you, try Primal Blueprint Fitness. This workout will help find the right routine for your life. Primal Blueprint Fitness is about staying healthy with food consumption and exercising. There’s nothing too insane versus the CrossFit regimen.

Another fitness possibility would be Yoga. Yoga With Adriene shows fundamentals as well as offering free Yoga videos. There are even Yoga Camps and 30 Days of Yoga to help start off the new year.

An added link to ketones “What Are Ketones and How Does Your Body Use Them?”

This small list contains exercises that would be considered Paleo or for the Paleo lifestyle.

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