Is beef liver good for you?

Is beef liver good for you?

Ah, grass-fed beef liver, how do members of the Paleo community love thee? Let us count the ways.

Beef liver is packed with Vitamin A

One ounce has nearly 200% of the RDA for this important vitamin. Vitamin A plays a key role in keeping the skin and eyes healthy and maintaining the health of the intestines and other membranes.

Source of phosphorus

Which helps build bones and teeth. It also aids cell growth, heart muscle contraction and kidney function. Plus it helps the body use vitamins, assists in the body’s conversion of food into energy and helps maintain blood pH.

Beef liver is high-quality protein

It’s an excellent source of high-quality protein. The grass-fed variety provides a whopping 44 grams per ounce.

Great source of iron

You’ll get 50% of the RDA for that mineral in just an ounce of beef liver.


It’s the number one food source of copper. Copper is important for us in several ways, among them: helping the body use iron, reducing tissue damage caused by free radicals, maintaining bone and connective tissue health, aiding in the production of the pigment melanin, keeping the thyroid gland functioning optimally and preserving myelin—the sheath that surrounds and protects nerves.


It’s a stellar source of other vitamins too, like Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 (and other B-Vitamins).

Cardiovascular health

It contains CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10), which is important for cardiovascular function and the basic functioning of cells. Its levels are reported to decrease in the body as we age.

Max nutrition

Go grass-fed (when you can) for max nutrition. The importance of trying to consume grass-fed animals whenever possible also makes this a very healthy Paleo food. Pasture-raised animal products provide much higher levels of nutrients in general than animal products that come from commercial feedlots.

Beef liver is affordable

It’s generally pretty affordable. Grass-fed organ meats beat grass-fed muscle meats price-wise most of the time.

While you might remember it none-too-fondly as a childhood food you put up with, beef liver can be a tasty, affordable and most importantly super-nutritious addition to a Paleo diet. If you haven’t added it to your table in awhile, maybe now’s the time to give it another chance—and give your body an awesome set of health benefits.

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