Paleo Diet For Your Pets

Paleo Diet For Your Pets

Paleo Diet For Your Pets

Yes, the headline is correct, more and more animal owners are turning to the paleo diet for their pets.

The modern dog and cat faces many unique challenges and the most important of these challenges is definitely diet.

With the vast range of pet foods, snacks and treats now available, pet owners can be tempted to indulge and spoil their pets.

When this is combined with nibbles of “human food” and lack of exercise, it is easy to see why 21st century pets are incredibly unhealthy. It is not unusual to see a dog or cat suffering from chronic illnesses, early arthritis pain, and obesity.


Paleo for pets


Paleo is also for pets, not just for their owners!


Most folks have heard of the paleo diet and many have even tried this effective lifestyle change. What most people do not realize is that this eating plan can also be life-changing for their dogs and cats and paleo for pets is now becoming extremely popular!


Your pet is better off eating delicious paleo food.


A paleo plan for pets makes a lot of sense since cats are, by nature, carnivores and dogs are omnivores (although their diet should ideally consist mainly of meat, vegetable scraps and remnants of bone).


Research has shown that dogs thrive, are much healthier and more energetic when given a paleo diet that consists of fresh meat and a variety of vegetables. This is what they would eat if they lived in the wild and had to fend for themselves.


As natural hunters and carnivores, cats should always be fed on meat. This is due to the B vitamins, essential amino acids and taurine (that are only found in meat products) that cats must consume in order to survive. Of course, there are some good vegetarian cat foods on the market but this should always be supplemented by giving the cat the missing vitamins, amino acids and taurine that they need. Sadly, this is a very unnatural way in which to feed a cat and should preferably be avoided at all costs.


If you consider the amount of preservatives, chemicals and grains that form a large portion of commercial dog and cat food, you would have cause for great concern as this combination is not what they should be eating.


Obviously, following the paleo approach does not mean feeding your pet raw ingredients. Quite the contrary! A paleo for pets eating plan involves plenty of fresh meat and some raw vegetables, in the case of dogs.


dog and paleo


Switching your pet’s diet to a healthier, paleo one.


When people realize that their pet will be far better off eating a paleo diet, it can be tempting to make the switch completely and immediately. This should be avoided as a sudden change in diet can cause digestive problems, stomach upset and the pet potentially rejecting the new food.


Vets recommend a gradual change into a paleo pets eating plan that involves slowly introducing the new, paleo food at feeding times. For example, when trying to introduce egg into your dog’s diet, be sure to try them on a small portion first and check carefully for any digestive issues before introducing more.


As much as paleo is a healthier way of feeding your pet, there are certain foods that should be avoided for dogs and cats. Dogs, for instance, should never be given avocados and certain nuts, such as macadamia nuts.

If in doubt, we recommend consulting the ASPCA website which includes a full list of foods that dogs and cats should never consume. On ASPCA’s website, they have a list of foods to avoid giving your pet, this is a great starting off point.


paleo diet for pets


Remember to be careful going raw!


Since the paleo diet is a “Paleolithic Era” way of eating, when it comes to animals, meat should be eaten raw. Pet owners can understandably be quite concerned about serving their beloved pets raw meat as they believe that this comes with the risk of food poisoning. Pet parents need not worry about paleo pet food that is raw as they have the natural, digestive enzymes to be able to process raw meat, even when it is contaminated with bacteria. Check with your vet about buying and serving your pet raw food prior to trying this!


A word of warning though is that pet parents should be mindful about handling raw meat. Always be sure to wash your hands well before or after handling raw meat and ensure that your pet’s bowl is thoroughly washed after each meal. 


paleo diet and pets

Affording paleo for pets.

To answer the question that is very likely on your lips, yes, a paleo pets diet is more expensive than a regular feeding regime. That being said, if you consider the obvious health and nutrition benefits of a paleo diet for pets, coupled with a more active lifestyle, you will have a much healthier and happier pet.


This means that what you invest food-wise for your pet by adopting a paleo diet, you will save in the long run with vet bills and medication due to unhealthy food.


Of course, a paleo pet diet for a large dog can be just as costly as feeding another person but if you shop wisely and look for specials on fresh meat, you could really save a lot of money.


Thankfully, pets do not require the finest and most expensive cuts of meat. This means that you can shop for cheaper cuts of meat and organ meats that are on special and your pet will love you for it!


Finally, if you feel you really cannot afford to feed your dog or cat a true paleo diet, vets recommend alternating with a commercial paleo pet food which could be significantly cheaper. As a general rule of thumb, anything other than commercial pet is far better for your pet and this should always be in the forefront of your mind.







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Dogs Running Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Dog with Food Photo by Kabo on Unsplash

Meat Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

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