Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs with answers.

General Questions

  • Is there a print version of Paleo Living Magazine?
    • Paleo Living Magazine is online only. Due to printing costs it’s not feasible to print and mail the magazine. Also, it’s better for the environment.
  • Can we send Paleo Living Magazine as a gift?
    • At this time, this option is not available. We are looking into alternatives, so that your friends and family members can also enjoy the magazine.
  • How often is Paleo Living Magazine published?
    • Paleo Living Magazine is a monthly publication with occasional extra issues for our subscribers. Typically we publish on the first day of the month. Sometimes we do get things done early and publish earlier.
  • How do we access our magazine?
    • Purchase through the Apple Newsstand version, find the Newsstand folder on your device and the Magazine should be on the front page. If it’s not, download the app and check the Newsstand folder again.

Support Questions/Issues

  • My app keeps asking for my account number what do I put in?
    • The Apple versions are based on account numbers that we don’t have access to, but here’s what usually works.
      1. Click on the Subscribe Button and choose Restore All Purchases.
      2. That should bring back any issues you have purchased. If this does not work, see the question below “I’m having problems with my Apple Newsstand. What can I do?”.
  • How do I unsubscribe?

Apple requires that you have complete control over your account, so we cannot turn off your subscription for you.

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, tap on ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap on ‘iTunes and App Stores’ (found on the left side on the iPad).
  3. Tap on your Apple ID (found at the top on your iPhone or in the upper right-hand corner on the iPad).
  4. Tap ‘View Apple ID.’
  5. Enter your Apple ID password (if prompted)
  6. Tap ‘Manage’ underneath ‘Subscriptions.’
  7. Tap on ‘Paleo Living Magazine.’<

  8. Next to ‘Auto-Renewal,’ tap the ‘On/Off’ Button

Here’s a video that takes you through step-by-step



  • I’m having problems with my Apple Newsstand. What can I do?
    • Try this first – Restart your device.
    • If that doesn’t work then:
      • Click on the Subscribe Button
      • Choose Restore All Purchases
    • The next step:
      • Delete the app
      • Reload the app from the iTunes Store
      • Restart your app (very important)
      • Open the app
      • Click on Subscribe Button
      • Choose Restore All Purchases

If you need any other help or have any comments about the magazine, contact us at

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