The Best 7 Warm and Delicious Paleo Bread Recipes

The Best 7 Warm and Delicious Paleo Bread Recipes

Just because you live a strict paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean you don’t get the occasion cravings for some carb filled goodness. Bread is easily on of the most common foods in our lives from early on and aside from putting in a little elbow grease, there isn’t any reason you can’t still have bread in your life! Have a look at these great paleo bread recipes and get your not so carb indulgence on!


blender nut bread paleo

                                                                                                Photo: Luvele

At the top of our list is this simple yet amazing nut and seed blender bread! Full of flavors and a great texture, this bread is everything you need to combat that never-ending craving for a good slice of bread. And if a simple nut-based bread isn’t reason enough to jump for joy, this bread is made right in your blender! See the full recipe at Luvele blog here!


Completely grain free bread sticks? Yep, that’s what we said! You won’t believe your taste buds with this one bowl paleo bread stick recipe. Simple paleo ingredients, one bowl, and a quick bake time makes these bread sticks a perfect side dish or snack item for everyone in your family!

paleo bread sticks
Paleo Running Momma



This paleo cinnamon raisin bread brings you a signature comfort food in nutritious form. Filled with vitamins and minerals, you won’t believe how simple this delicious treat can be to make at home. This is the perfect treat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack.

cinnamon raisin paleo bread

                                                                                        Photo: Plenty & Well


While its hard to believe, this paleo English muffin may be even easier than opening a bag of pre-made carb filled muffins. This three-minute microwave English muffin is the perfect breakfast option and you top it with all the classic favorites. But if you aren’t a fan of microwave cooking, it also includes simple oven baked directions.

paleo microwave english muffins

                                                                             Photo: The Big Man’s World


Of all the different types of bread, I feel like a good crusty French bread may be the hardest to live without. Its great for sandwiches, subs, garlic bread, dipping, and eating straight from the oven. This recipe is sure to be a hit and the versatility makes it irresistible!  

paleo crusty french bread

                                                                                          Photo: Paleo Grubs


Because sometimes you just crave carbs and dessert all rolled into one; but what if you can have that delectable craving fix in a completely guilt free version? This chocolate bread is everything you wouldn’t expect on the paleo diet and we love it!

almond flour chocolate bread paleo

                                                                                   Photo: Fit Mitten Kitchen


If there is one thing in the world most of us can’t live without, its tacos! With this simple paleo flour tortilla recipe, you don’t have to. Perfect for paleo tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and so much more. Coming in at only 5 ingredients, they are as simple as they are delicious!

paleo tortillas

                                                                                  Photo: Taste Abounds 

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