What To Look For In Workout Attire?

What To Look For In Workout Attire?


Workout attire may be some of the worse clothing to shop for, not only because you want comfort, but practical. Now, don’t get us wrong grabbing those pair of sweats with a baggy t-shirt for a workout sesh. Although, we tend to strive for a selection of workout attire that allows your skin to breath and generally serves one purpose. A solitary workout wardrobe.

1.) Try On Before Buying

We get it. Everyone has those days where no one wants to try on cleans for multiple numbers of reasons. So try on that t-shirt, sports bra, shorts, yoga pants, or leggings before committing the cash.

2.) Breathable Fabric

Not all but, some workout attire can lead to over sweating and possible chaffing. No one wants to deal with that. Be sure to check out if the material has a slight stretch but, a cotton-based fabric.

3.) To Wear Shorts Or Not To Wear Shorts

First off, if you feel comfortable shorts or pants, do what you feel comfortable wearing. End of discussion. This is about your comfort, not about how someone else should think you should dress.

4.) Separate Attire From Your Everyday Normal Wear

The main reason we prefer workout attire separate from your everyday wear is simple, your workout clothes take more of a beating than the rest.  You can guarantee your workout shirts and shorts/pants will end up with rips, tears, or some sort of accident. Plus even after losing weight, no one wants to run out and keep buying new clothes each time. Too much money will be wasted on that front. So you’ll be saving a few bucks in the process.

Go for a breathable, stretchy fabric that also has a cotton blend. When it comes to style that is completely up to you, stay hydrated and enjoy that workout!

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