Why is mineral water healthy?

Why is mineral water healthy?


For people who try to live a healthy lifestyle, water tends to be (and should be) a go-to resource for self-care. Sodas, sweetened teas, and sugar-filled juice have all been vetoed for those following a Paleo or Primal lifestyle. Because we go back to the basics and there’s almost nothing more basic than good old water. And in fact, what our ancestors drank ages ago wasn’t what many of us drink today—they drank mineral water.

They went to a clear-flowing river or body of water and drank from it. Allowing them to enjoy all the trace nutrients that came along with it.
That’s why today’s mineral water trumps the super-clear, bottled stuff they sell in stores; while it retains its nutrient value, bottled or filtered water has been stripped of those minerals. Sure, you’re left with some much-needed H2O, but you could be getting so much more!

Why is Mineral Water Good for You?

  1. Magnesium: It is a great way to get magnesium, a nutrient that many are deficient in. And in fact, drinking your magnesium rather than eating it results in increased absorption and improved functioning. This mineral is crucial for heart health and reducing inflammation.
  2. Potassium: Potassium is an electrolyte—that means it conducts electricity in your body. Mineral water often contains potassium. Did you know that your heart runs on electric impulses? That means that potassium is very important for keeping your heart (and muscles) working smoothly!
  3. Calcium: We all know that calcium is important for bones, and for people with a dairy intolerance. Mineral water is a great substitute source!
  4. Sulfates: It contains sulfates (think sulfur), which can also be found in foods like eggs and broccoli. However, drinking sulfates makes them easier for your body to use. Many people who drink soft water that’s been stripped of minerals find themselves deficient in sulfates (and at an increased risk of heart disease).

So mineral water is definitely a great source of some vital nutrients. We’ve talked about just a few, but you can find many others in a good bottle of mineral water. Trace elements like lithium are things to look out for. Did you know that areas where the water has a low lithium content have been associated with higher rates of suicide and homicide?
But if mineral water’s so great, how do you know what kind to choose? You want to be sure you’re getting these benefits. When it comes to mineral water, saying that it’s “freshly bottled from a spring in Europe” isn’t just a marketing gimmick. Good mineral water comes straight from mineral-rich natural springs around the world.

How Do You Choose Good Mineral Water?

  1. Opt for one that comes in glass bottles. This prevents the water from leeching toxic chemicals from plastic.
  2. Check for high sodium content when you buy it, because it varies by brand. For example, Vichy (from France) accounts for about 50% of your daily sodium allowance!
  3. Check the amount of calcium in the mineral water you opt for if you are tolerant of dairy and include it in your diet. Too much calcium is not ideal and can actually sap bone strength.

Enjoy finding a brand that you like, and remember to check the labels! Mineral content varies depending on the spring from which the water was taken. Consider your own dietary needs and choose a water that fits your life!

Article by: Carrie Ott

Issue No. 55

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